Why custom and
made to measure?

Custom tailoring in our vision means to design garments from scratch. Our clients have the chance to choose from a series of styles when creating a custom wardrobe and also add their personal choice of style. You can personalize everything from the choice of fabric, to the buttons and pockets style, lenght, and even lapel style.

We do not have any established patterns. Individual paper pattern is cut from scratch using individual measurements of the clients. We keep individual paper cut out of patterns and measurements in file for the client’s future orders.

If taking and using your own measurements its too much trouble for you, and you can find your own measurements in the standard size fit, we can make your attire using them, just choose the size.

Our made to measure and/or custom suits are cut and made by hand in our workshop from Bistrita, Romania.

Our suits fabrics are imported from Italy. Take your pick from our plethora of fabrics ranging from the finest Super 150’s, Super 130’s, and Super 110’s, to the purest merino wool, suitable for all occasions.

For all-season fashion, luxurious wool is a great choice. Stylish fashion emerges from the best cloths that define quality as well as luxury, and the finest pure merino wool fabric is the first choice for making high-quality custom tailored suits. Wool is favored for its durability and comfort in any given environment. Whether formal dressing, semi casual or casual wear, pure merino wool is renowned for its versatility, comfort, and quality.

With the client’s measurements or standard sizes, the paper pattern is cut and the style that the client chose is laid to the pattern.